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Author Topic: New National Party closes up shop, joins ANC
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posted 07 August 2004 03:32 PM      Profile for Doug   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Satisfy your demand for historical irony here

"The New National Party says it will fight future elections under the banner of the party that sought to abolish apartheid - the African National Congress.

As the National Party it introduced the policy of apartheid after it came to power in 1948, denying black South Africans the right to vote."

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Vansterdam Kid
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posted 29 September 2004 03:14 AM      Profile for Vansterdam Kid   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Even though this is 'old' news, it's rather interesting so thanks for providing the link Doug. I bumped it up looking for a certain Venezuela thread where Rufus Polson chronicled how Chavez has been able to hold on to power. Now where's that thread....

Anyways back on target folks, it would be nice if those in the NNP actually were abandoning their formerly racist views and were doing this for honourable reasons. But who knows though, the ANC is the ruiling party with a massive majority and the NNP has been relegated to around 2% popular support. Also the NNP was completely routed in the recent SA elections and they lost the Premiership of the Western Cape province, the last place where they had any significant strength, rather decisively by getting a pathetic 9% of the vote. The main parliamentary opposition, the Democratic Alliance (the party that was formerly the only parliamentary opposition party to oppose apartheid) easily held on to the role of official opposition. Also many analysts of South African Politics say that the ANC's most likely political opposition will come from a populist/socialist party that will resonate with the poor (mostly Black) residents of the townships who aren't benefiting economically from the new regime like they thought they would. And maybe they (the NNP) just want access to power? Anyways either way as Bart Simpson said, "the ironing is delicious".

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