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Author Topic: What country will Obama bomb/invade first?
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posted 05 November 2008 03:27 PM      Profile for -=+=-   Author's Homepage        Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Any predictions as to what part of the world Obama will first project military force to?

Odds are it will probably be a "surge" in Afghanistan; which one would assume would include more air strikes and civilian casualities.

But maybe he will take a gamble, and strike somewhere in Pakistan. (Bill Clinton after all bombed the Sudan).

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posted 05 November 2008 04:05 PM      Profile for Fidel     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
I think war hawks and oiligarchs will want to bomb oil-rich Iran at some point. Obomba will oblige whatever it is the shadow government decides on, we can be sure.

The Threat of Nuclear War Grows Edward S. Herman

The United States has also steadily violated both the letter and spirit of the NPT. It had agreed in signing on to this treaty in 1968 to work toward the elimination of nuclear weapons. Not only has it not done this, it has made them officially a core part of national defense strategy and in recent years has worked steadily to make them more usable in warfare. It has also withdrawn its NPT promise not to use nuclear weapons against any state that signs on to the NPT and promises not to develop nuclear weapons. The United States has also violated the spirit of the NPT by helping and supporting Israel's development of a nuclear weapons capability, of turning a blind eye to Pakistan's nuclear development during years when it was serving as a useful client, and now recently agreeing to assist India's nuclear program despite that country's refusal to join the NPT. Pakistan and China of course resent this U.S. support of a nuclear India, clearly based on political expediency and weakening further any control over nuclear weapons proliferation.

Since Dubya, U.S. presidents now have authority to launch a nuclear weapons attack. Throughout the cold war, the USSA's cosmetic government at least needed support from Congress to do so. I think if ever the Dr Strangelove types thought that Russia was vulnerable enough to attack with nuclear weapons, it's now. I think there are embedded bureaucrats and megalomaniacs in high places today who fully believe in calculated risk for waging, and winning, nuclear war on other continents. I think a handful of hawks have always considered Europe to be expendable

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