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1 May 2006

RESIST the imperialist ploy to silence the voice of the Workers Worldwide

In commemoration of the
International Labor Day, we salute the workers of
the Philippines and workers all over the world.
We celebrate Labor Day today � the most important
event for us workers, a day symbolizing all the
victories of our struggle against capitalist
domination, exploitation and oppression � as
imperialism intensifies its attacks to reverse
the same victories the working class has paid for
in sweat and blood. Whatever rights the workers
and all oppressed peoples of the world still
enjoy today are due, to a large extent, to our
organizations and trade unions� militant
resistance to the brutal attacks of imperialism.

Resolving the Crisis of Imperialism at the
Expense of the World�s Working People

Imperialism is desperately trying to solve its
crisis by imposing its neo-liberal agenda on all
countries and peoples of the world. It uses
so-called multilateral instruments like the World
Trade Organization, the International Monetary
Fund and World Bank, the Free Trade Agreements,
and others to subjugate weaker capitalist
countries, strengthen its neo-colonial dominance
of the third world and disempower the world�s working masses and people.

The impositions of these imperialist-controlled
agencies pushed almost all nations in the world
to execute policies attacking labor rights such
as wage freeze and promotion of labor
flexibilization that negates the working masses�
right to security of tenure, to join or form
labor unions, to living wage and benefits, to
humane working conditions, and other basic
rights. Labor laws and constitutions are being
changed throughout the world to do away with all
social guarantees demanding respect of the rights
of workers and other toiling masses and to ensure
their total subjugation and slavery.

Consequently, an increasing majority of the
working masses of the world are wallowing in
poverty, working under the most inhumane
conditions and without rights, while the fruits
of their labor are concentrated into the hands of
a decreasing number of monopoly capitalists.

Worse, with the United States instigating and
leading it, imperialist powers are using the
fraudulent �war against terrorism� to justify
their scheme to re-divide the world, to repress
dissent, and to attack all those who defy
them. This fascist war aims to terrorize not
only the progressive workers and their
organizations but to cow into submission all the world�s peoples.

Recently, in Nepal, thousands of workers were
unjustly arrested and detained, harassed and put
to surveillance. At least 344 protesters were
injured and eight protesters have lost their
eyesight forever when the state�s military forces
attacked their demonstration. In France, the
massive and sustained protests of the youth and
workers were suppressed through the imposition of
a three-month long state of national emergency.

In the Philippines, 200 political activists in
2005 were added to the thousands killed due to
their involvement in the struggle for genuine
trade unionism, national sovereignty and against
imperialism. Worst, old cases of rebellion are
being revived or fabricated against progressive
party list leaders (or the �Batasan 6�) to kick
them out of the Philippines� House of Representatives.

In Colombia, trade unionist such as those in
Coca-Cola and Nestle are being killed. In Turkey,
political repression is at worst. In Iraq,
workers continue to suffer the effects of the
continuing US aggression and illegal occupation.
In India and Pakistan, members of trade unions
and progressive groups are being abducted and
subjected to interrogation. In Australia, unions
are being attacked because of their resistance to
labor law reforms. In Iran, hundreds of workers
and their families were arrested for waging a
struggle to demand the recognition of their right
to form labor unions. In the US, Canada and
Europe, workers� strikes are being met with
brutality, unjust penalties and legal suits.

Rising Working Class Resistance Against Imperialist Onslaught

Workers and Trade Unions worldwide are increasing
their resistance against the assaults of
imperialism and their puppets. Protests and other
forms of struggle are advancing both in developed
and underdeveloped countries, from north to
south, from colonies and semi-colonies, and other
nations asserting their national sovereignty. The
general strike of the people of Nepal for the
return of democracy against the dictatorial rule
of King Gyanendra effected the restoration of
parliament. The United States, realizing the
people�s anger at its role of keeping the fascist
monarchy in power, was also forced to evacuate
its embassy personnel. In France, over two months
of regular demonstrations against the CPE (First
Employment Contract) brought over three million
people out on the streets that forced government
to withdraw the legislation. Student groups and
trade unions have proclaimed this an "authentic
success.� They continue to strengthen their ranks
to prepare for the upcoming battle against
Sarkozy�s new bill on the Prevention of
Delinquency, which critics say will criminalize
the youth�s resistance and will lead to further
relaxation of labour laws. In the United
Kingdom, workers are waging crippling strikes in
defense of their pension plans. And in the belly
of the beast, the passage of the draconian
anti-migrant Sensenbrenner Bill or the HR 4437
sparked the mobilization of two million people in
Los Angeles alone, the biggest protest action in
US history. The bill stands to criminalize all
undocumented persons and those who "assist" them.

Other notable struggles are those of the workers
and peoples of Australia, Belgium, Brazil,
Germany, India, Philippines, South Africa and
South Korea. These and the recent victories of
the workers and peoples of Argentina, Bolivia,
Chile, Venezuela and that of Cuba demonstrate the
growing strength of the world�s workers and
peoples resistance against imperialist plunder and war.

Advance the Global Workers� Resistance

Workers worldwide must forge a stronger and
broader unity against all impositions of
imperialists and other exploiters around the
world. We must advance the struggle against labor
flexibilization, resist the creation of new
anti-labor laws, and demand for increase in our
wages and the improvement of our quality of life.
We must exercise vigilance and strengthen our
militant actions against all efforts of
Imperialists and their client governments to
silence our voices and further diminish our share
of the fruits of our labor. We must continue to
forge linkages with trade unions and the working
class of the world in resisting all forms of imperialist attacks.

End Global Poverty and Hunger!
End imperialist Exploitation and Oppression!
Workers and All Oppressed Peoples of the World, Unite!

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