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Author Topic: The trouble with Irshad Mangi
CMOT Dibbler
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posted 22 January 2005 08:46 PM      Profile for CMOT Dibbler     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Is that she doesn't see the big picture.
I heard her speak on ideas a couple of nights ago and agreed with much of what she said. Yes, Islam, like every other Abrahamic religion has an incredibly long tradition of misogyny and homophobia. Yes, it badly needs a reformation and Yes, she has every right to be angry with fundamentalist buffoons who deny her sisters the rights they deserve.
The problem is of course, that she doesn't take geopolitics into consideration. The reason why Irish feminists were able to take on the Catholic Church was because Ireland, despite being a quasi theocracy, was a democratic state. most Middle Eastern states, with the exception of Lebanon Turkey and Israel, Are authoritarian dictatorships A Islamic reformation can never take place as long as United States continues to fund the autocratic gangsters who run countries like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. She sees the Mullah, but does not see the CIA agent behind the mullah. Islam is part of the story but it isn't the whole story.
She also seems to see her self as someone who as someone who will single-handedly save Islam and by extension the Middle East, from itself. She doesn't take into account the fact that there are many brave Muslim feminists in Arab countries who risk imprisonment and toture in order to fight for the rights of women. She never mentioned them in her speech.
I believe she has the best intentions, but the reasoning she uses will only harm the woman she seeks to help.
You can't just attack the status quo, you also need to attack those people who are helping to maintain it.

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