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Author Topic: Spain: dogs left to die for humiliating their masters
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posted 13 January 2006 04:30 AM      Profile for lagatta     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Grrrrrr. When one thinks macho stupidity has reached its height, or depths, there always seems to be further for it to go. Like these valiant hunters who condemn their greyhounds to a slow and painful death for "humiliating' them by their lack of prowess: Spanish dogs left to die for humiliating their masters

Zapatero's government has brought in groundbreaking legislation on spousal violence, and on SSM, and in Catalonia, measures have been taken against bullfights. Let's hope the Spanish socialists and their allies can take action against this outrage.


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posted 13 January 2006 05:31 AM      Profile for Hephaestion   Author's Homepage        Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Holy shit...

Hanging is just one of the methods used. Dogs have been found thrown into wells, burnt alive and even injected with bleach. But Rey's intended fate was, even within the levels of cruelty routinely shown to Spanish hunting dogs, especially nasty. The noose around his neck had been set at a height so that his front paws could not touch the ground, meaning that he was intended to stand on his back legs until he was too tired to support himself. When his legs finally buckled, the noose should have done its work.

'They call it the typewriting death, because the dog's back legs scrabble against the ground and make the clicking sound of a typewriter,' said Albert Sorde, of the SOS Galgos greyhound rescue group. 'It is a punishment they save for greyhounds that are deemed to have humiliated or embarrassed their owners.

That is just fucking vile.

I don't want to sound bigoted, but that's one thing that has always incensed me about the Spanish, is the horrific treatment of animals -- particularly bulls. Maybe it's because I was raised on a farm, but one thing that particularly makes my blood boil is maltreatment of so-called "dumb animals", even ones that are slated to become food. I listened to a piece on CBC Radio the other night about bull "fighting" in Spain, and it just made me sick -- the young hopeful matadors-to-be bragging about their fucking machismo, and about how being a bull "fighter" got them all the girls. People like that just make me want to hoof them in the gonads, hard.

I was pleased to read that
Spain's reputation for cruelty to animals led the government to introduce a law banning mistreatment of pets last year. Fighting bulls and farm animals were excluded from the law but it is still unclear whether hunting greyhounds count. 'They are dogs so they should be considered as pets,' said Sorde.
but why should bulls and farm animals be exempted? Because that would get in the way of popular cruelty to animals, such as bull "fighting" and cock-fighting?

Especially angrifying was the following bit:
That does not mean, however, that the killings have stopped. Every hunting season the hunters - some of whom breed dozens of dogs a year - choose which greyhounds they want to get rid of. That is the moment campaigners fear most. 'The worst thing is when we find several dogs hung together in clumps of pine trees,' said Sorde.
So, in other words, hanging dogs -- even dogs who've 'done nothing wrong' besides not being a good prospective hunter/racer -- is routine? What. The. FUCK?! Don't tell me these maggots haven't heard of a bullet. These are slow, lingering deaths, intended to cause suffering and torture. Bastards!

Of course, it's not just "the Spanish", it's a mentality of brutalism and machismo. It's one of the reasons I could very rarely stomach Hemmingway, for instance, with his glorification of bull "fighting" -- he personified the whole mentality that finds that kind of shit appealing.

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